The Burg - Burger & Bar

The Burg is in the Historic Metals Building in the Warehouse District on the 4th Street Promenade and their burgers are big, tall, juicy and all certified Angus beef. It’s a relaxed gathering place. A place where Chef and his friends can share what they love with you. A place to be social over colossal burgers and yummy cocktails. Whatever the event or the crowd, you’ll feel comfortable here. Bring your boss for a lunch meeting, in your shiny loafers and suits. Put on a cute dress and bring a date for a nice dinner. And come with your mom or your buddies, in your jeans and ten-year-old Folk Fest tee. You can even wear a beret if that’s your thing—they can dig it. The restaurant itself is open and bright with big windows, brick walls, and giant exposed beams that pay tribute to the heritage of this historic building. Extroverts (and Maritimers) will probably choose to sit at one of three enormous communal tables, while quiet types might prefer one of the more private booths. See? Everybody’s happy there. We worked with The Burg to help create their entire brand and really help rocket the launch of this new and awesome restaurant. The icon in the logo was an important aspect to ensure that it gave off a clear message that this is the place for beef. The restaurant is visited by a vast variety of people, and so the identity of the restaurant had to strong, memorable, and subtly and simply reflect a burger when viewed from the top. From logo, signage, window graphics, menus, postcards, advertising, to photography, website and so much more… The Burg opened successfully and remains a destination place on 104th Street!

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