Southwest Smile Dental Clinic

Southwest Smiles provides the best dental experience in a friendly, clean and relaxing environment. they focus on exceptional patient care that is gently executed with optimal results. They blend highly educated and trained staff, along with state of the art medical technology, to provide well planned preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Misha Susoeff and his lovely wife came to Bluehaus Creative before he built his new clinic for a complete brand development. Logo, website, advertising, etc. we had them covered! Going against the grain from the all-to-common blue’s and white’s of other dental clinics, we took a bold step with a bright and memorable lime green. Paired this with stylized “black and white” halftones of people with a bright white treatment on their smiles, really packed a punch! The imagery stands out clearly and also reflects the “Smiles” of people which of course, is in the name of the clinic.

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